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Pur Pitta Patta range of products are:

Elly Range:

Organic Shampoo & Bodywash
Organic Bubble Bath
Organic Liquid Hand Soap
Organic Moisturising Baby Lotion
Barrier cream (for baby skin problems and as a general nappy cream)
Organic Chest Stick (a great natural cold remedy)
Bar Soap

They combine natural, organic ingredients with gem essences to work with the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of children.

How to care for a baby's overall wellbeing can be a daunting task as there are many different paths to choose from. At Pitta Patta we follow the path of intuitive parenting (this is similar to attachment parenting).

As parents we all have a natural instinct as to how to parent and although we can draw from external influences it is through trusting our instincts that we are able to fully nourish and support our children.

A popular technique that allows parents to intuitively connect to their children is massage (we also encourage massage beyond the baby phase). Massage with our baby massage oils helps both the parent and baby to relax and creates a positive bond between the two. For a step by step guide on how to massage your baby click here.

Our Everyday Essential Elly Range are designed to be used on baby's skin and as they are for sensitive little ones they work really well for adults who have skin imbalances.

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